What to Expect

Learn the importance of macro investing with 42 Macro’s Macro Class.
All seats will provided with a recording of the course.


to Macro

Understand the forces that drive macro and the key indicators to monitor.

Macro Risk Management

Best Practices

Explore the key indicators in order to better spot market inflections and entry and exit points.


Today’s Markets

Q&A with Darius Dale and learn how to apply 42 Macro research to your
investing process.

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Our Macro Class is the perfect place to start
your macro journey.

42 Macro’s first ever Macro Class will be a virtual seminar hosted by Founder and CEO, Darius Dale. This class is designed to introduce the 42 Macro Process to investors looking to better understand how to incorporate macro risk management into their investing approach.

This specific class is tailored for beginner and intermediate investors who seek an intensive course in order to advance their knowledge of macro.

Replay from December 2, 2023