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Learn why 42 Macro research is the best.

Global Macro Risk
Management Scenarios

Using the most current data our
models generate the three mostly likely
risk management scenarios investors
should consider as they plan ahead.

Global Macro-Market
Forecasts & Backtests

Better understand how we draw our
conclusions so you can apply our analysis to any strategy.

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Macro Scouting Report

Our monthly report provides unparalleled access to our highest conviction medium-term views and long-term investment themes. See trends develop before anyone else.

Monthly Webcast

In this monthly 60-minute webcast, Darius Dale dissects his own research and investing plan and explains what data
and factors are most impacting his decision making.

Also Included

42 Macro’s Dashboard

Log in to 42 Macro’s client portal and get access our signaling dashboard giving you a view into the analytics behind our recommendations and allowing you to develop your own trading and investing ideas.

Premium Dashboard access includes signals for 42 Macro Indicators, Macro ETF’s, 42 Macro KISS Portfolio Positions, US Sector ETF’s, Global Equity ETF’s, Global Currencies, Global Commodity ETF’s, Global Fixed Income ETF’s, and Crypto exposures.

42 Macro’s Private Investor Community

Communicate directly with Darius Dale and our entire investor community via our private platform. This feature on your dashboard allows you to get your investing questions answered only by Darius or the other trusted members of 42 Macro’s likeminded investing community.

42 Macro’s Educational Resources & Research Library

Looking to better understand 42 Macro research? Our educational resources include product walkthroughs and breakdowns, a glossary of terms, and the entire compendium of 42 Macro research since our inception. Investing is a life-long learning experience and we want to share our knowledge with you.

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Follow Darius’ simple, data-driven, back-tested methodology and enjoy the long lasting, positive effects it has your portfolio and your family’s wealth.

42 Macro Family Office Investor

This is the most comprehensive macro research I have ever been through. As an institutional investor, I can say first hand this is high quality research. Invaluable!

42 Macro Institutional Investor

I am new to investing and l’m so glad I found this research. I cannot imagine the losses I would have incurred in my beginner stock portfolio had I not subscribed. Thank you!

42 Macro Retail Investor

42 Macro will help you stay ahead of market trends that most investors won’t know about until it’s too late.

Macro Strategist

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