The Macro Bundle
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Access all of 42 Macro’s research and equip yourself with the most comprehensive set of tools that give you an enhanced view of the market, no matter your time horizon, at our most affordable rate.
Perfect for: Every investor – big or small in AUM; high or low in turnover – that is sick of being run over by Macro.

Macro Scouting Report

A monthly 60-minute webcast that gives you unparalleled access to data-driven, macro-risk management insights and all the fundamental and technical guidance on how to position your portfolio for the next 1-3 quarters with an eye towards the next 1-3 years.
Perfect for: Monthly or quarterly rebalancers, portfolio managers, and CIOs.

Around the Horn

A weekly 30-minute webcast providing near-term risk analysis and guidance on how to position your portfolio for the next 1-3 quarters.
Perfect for: Low-volume traders and portfolio managers.

Leadoff Morning Note

A daily email report that summarizes the latest US and global data and their likely impact on the financial markets to help you profitably trade the next few days and weeks.
Perfect for: High-volume traders and portfolio managers.