Darius joined Victor Jones this week to discuss the impact of the PBOC’s policies, inflation, the election year, and more.

If you missed the interview, here are the three most important takeaways from the conversation that have significant implications for your portfolio: 

1. Policies Coming Out Of The PBOC Have Had A Meaningful Impact On Asset Markets This Year

Since December of last year, we have called for Beijing to implement front-loaded policy support as we entered 2024. 

That is what we have witnessed, and that front-loaded policy support has had two significant impacts on global financial markets:

  1. It has contributed to the uptrend in global liquidity, as evidenced by our 42 Macro Global Liquidity Proxy, an estimate for global liquidity calculated by summing the Global Central Bank Balance Sheet, Global Broad Money Supply, and Global Foreign Exchange Reserves ex-Gold. 
  2. It has supported a rebound in Chinese PMI, suggesting the narrative around the Chinese economy being a black hole is changing at the margins. 

2. The “Immaculate Disinflation” Theme Is Likely to Persist For Another Quarter Or Two

Over the past two months, we have seen Headline PCE, Core PCE, and Sepercore PCE Deflator accelerate to well above trend rates on a three-month annualized basis.

However, investors do not need to be highly concerned about those increases at the current juncture because:

  • Productivity growth remains above trend.
  • Leading indicators such as the “Prices” and “Supply Chain” components of PMIs continue to indicate a likely deceleration in inflation.
  • The “Shelter” component of inflation has not meaningfully decelerated despite ample housing price disinflation in the pipeline. 

We believe the “Immaculate Disinflation” theme may persist for another quarter or two before inflation bottoms at an unpalatable level relative to the Fed’s mandate. At that point, we believe the narrative around inflation is likely to change, and asset markets are likely to be impacted.

3. Fiscal Policy Is Likely To Continue Supporting Asset Markets Heading Into The Election

One reason we have been bullish on risk assets is that we believed President Biden and Treasury Secretary Yellen would implement favorable fiscal and net financing policies this year, supporting our “Resilient US Economy” theme and US liquidity. 

We believe the election remains a risk-on catalyst for now. However, asset markets are likely to face headwinds after the election. 

Sometime in Q4, we anticipate the RRP balance to have declined to at or near zero and the TGA balance to have decreased by $250B from current levels. Those estimates represent dangerous starting points ahead of another round of debt ceiling negotiations on the horizon is poised to induce volatility in asset markets.

That’s a wrap! 

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