Darius sat down with Maggie Lake last week on Real Vision’s Daily Briefing to discuss all things Global Liquidity.

If you missed the interview, here are three takeaways from the conversation that have significant implications for your portfolio: 

1. The Recent Surge In The Dollar Has Negatively Impacted Global Liquidity

Our 42 Macro Global Liquidity proxy, a sum of global central bank balance sheets, global broad money supply, and global FX reserves minus gold, is a key driver of risk assets like equities and bitcoin.

Since mid-July, the US Dollar has rallied aggressively. This rally weighed on global liquidity because the Dollar and FX volatility are negatively correlated to global liquidity.

If we see a breakout in currency volatility, which is in the process of occurring according to our Volatility-Adjusted Momentum Signal, the negative global liquidity impulse could continue to decline, negatively impacting risk assets. 

2. Currency And Interest Rate Volatility Have Hampered Private Sector Liquidity

Most retail investors think of liquidity solely in terms of whether or not central banks are supplying liquidity to the global financial system. 

Private sector agents like commercial banks and non-bank lenders – primarily from net international investment surplus economies like Europe and Japan – also supply liquidity, referred to as “private sector liquidity.”

Recent currency and interest rate volatility have made it difficult for these private sector agents to supply liquidity to the system, impeding the overall global liquidity supply.

3. The Dollar Could Reach Its Highs From Last October If It Slows Its Trajectory

If the dollar continues its aggressive trend over the next few months, the Fed may have to step in and intervene because it will likely coincide with something “breaking” in the Treasury market. 

But, if the dollar slows its trajectory and grinds its way higher, we believe it may reach its highs of $113 from October of last year in DXY terms.

That’s a wrap! 

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